5 for Fi[nding]

I don’t have a very clearly defined sense of self-preservation, so I primarily run at night. For one, nobody can see me air-choreographing with my headphones on once the sun goes down. And I don’t get distracted by things I see on the streets. One time I ran past a woman who was holding a clambake for one inside her Maserati. She threw the door open, flapped her arms like wings, and yelled “Ca-caw! Ca-caw!” until I ran further down the sidewalk. Then there was the time that, in an effort to dodge a stop sign-ignoring vehicle, I dove head first into a cedar tree and ended up with two corneal abrasions and a corneal laceration. I thought I was okay at first, but my morning I had to walk a mile to the urgent care center with a dixie cup held to my eye (Google told me it was a good idea!), ¬†and my sight was restored by a medical professional who was the spitting image of Shemar Moore.

“Excuse me sir, but do you handle all the corneal abrasions? Because you sure are easy on the eyes.”

Fun times.

When I run during the day, I inevitably see something that interests me, and because I’m a child of the iPhone generation, I have to stop and take a picture.


On Wednesday I saw this playing card, laying on the curb, pleading to be immortalized. Or maybe it was just my lungs begging for an artistic excuse to take a break and snap a photo or three. Or ten. Whatever.

I wonder how it ended up there? I didn’t think curbside poker was a thing, but then again, I’m not a native of these parts.

I’m using this as a reminder to set five goals for the coming month, and I’ll share some of those goals soon. Copious drug consumption in luxury vehicles is not on the list (I’m sorry).



  1. Oh how I miss you! Contemplating giving myself a birthday present and flying you down for a weekend in September just to hang out and catch up. Let’s chat about this brilliant idea of mine…

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