I Can’t Write Poetry When I’m Happy.


It’s on the schedule:
“Tuesday’s post: write a poem.”
But I’m happy now.

I write the worst poetry
when I am happy.

Some people imbibe.
I hyperbolize and bleed
feeeelings on your screen.

It’s a bad habit,
but 12 steps don’t help writers.
We suck at numbers.

(Counting syllables
is the most math I’ve managed
in the last five years.)

So I write things
to forget the broken parts
and validate pain.

I’m not there today.
Tomorrow may be different.
I’ll deal with that then.

Here you go, Schedule.
I provided your poem.
See you when I’m sad.


  1. Bravo! I can’t write poetry whether I am happy or sad. But I can appreciate it and enjoy it. I am glad you are writing more on your blog. I went on a Facebook fast so I won’t be seeing you there. I did not fast from reading the fabulous blog from my much loved goddaughter. That would be too much penance.

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